Buying and using exercise treadmills can be one of the most sensible health decisions you can make. I’m sure you’ve surfed through hundreds of treadmill ratings in search of home or commercial treadmills that you feel is right for you. But all you find now is that some of those ratings on treadmills make you more confused with questions than ever before.

Each year fitness equipment manufacturers produce an amazing array of treadmills. How to make sense of it all has always been a challenge when presenting material to consumers. Various methods have been tried and none of them have done a good job of making it simple for the consumer with results that can be trusted.


We realize that there are hundreds of different types of exercise treadmills ranging in prices, but you continue to ask yourself, how do I buy a top treadmill in India that is best for me, which reviews do I trust? Which home treadmills are the most durable, which commercial treadmills perform better, which are the best treadmills, and which exercise treadmills give you the best bang for your buck?

So what do you do? That’s where we come in – treadmill ratings. We will help you take the guesswork out of all of your questions you may have. We will help guide you, give you suggestions, independant treadmill reviews, and recommendations on ONLY the top rated exercise treadmills in every price range. We have some of the most sought after ratings in the fitness business. Our combined overall ratings include strengths, quality, weaknesses, reliability, warranty, and value.

No more worrying about durability or performance! Our comparisons guide has been compiled from such sources as treadmill consumer ratings, Runner’s World, online treadmill web sites and actual reviews from owners of top treadmills. The staff at Top-Treadmill-Ratings has been involved in retail, manufacturing, and service in the treadmill industry for over 10 years, so there is a wealth of experience behind our home treadmill reviews.

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Proform Performance 400 Treadmill Safety Precautions

Since the Proform Performance 400 is the ideal treadmill for experienced runners and runners-in-training, it may be the mindset of the user that they have the workout routine down pat. However, it is always beneficial to brush up on the safety precautions for general exercise and for a particular piece of equipment.

Get Check Out First

Anyone who plans to partake in cardiovascular training should always have the permission of a physician. There is always the possibility that unknown complications exist that may require special attention, especially if the exerciser is over 35 years old or has pre-existing health problems. In addition, always only use the treadmill in the manner indicated in the instruction booklet.

Placement And Flooring

Placement of the treadmill is important. It should always be kept indoors and out of any area that is subject to a lot of moisture and/or dust and debris. A garage or patio is not an acceptable location for this piece of machinery. In addition, it should always be used on level ground with an adequate amount of clearance on all sides. Having a mat beneath the machine will prevent dust and protect any carpeting.

Max Weight

It is important to pay attention to the fact that only users weighing 300 pounds or less should use this model. There are models available that support heavier persons if necessary. Users should also always be dressed properly when working out on any piece of equipment. Loose-fitting clothes that could be caught are strongly discouraged. In addition, proper running or walking shoes are imperative for safety and comfort.

Power Source

Since the Proform Performance 400, like all treadmills, gets power from an outlet, always ensure that the proper power source is used. Always plug it into a surge suppressor and ensure that the outlet the suppressor is plugged into is grounded. Only a single-outlet surge suppressor should be used and it should be kept away from heat. In addition, check the cord regularly to ensure that it has not withstood any damage.

Please read through and check in your user’s manual before using your machine.

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Proform Performance 400 Treadmill Workout Options

It is true that experienced joggers and runners can probably use the speed and incline settings to create a workout that is efficient and useful for them. However, it always makes exercising fun and novel if all the technological features of the treadmill are used, and the Proform Performance 400 has a plethora of ways to spice up your routine.

Manual Mode

Manual mode might be what runners find to be ideal. This model flaunts speeds up to ten miles per hour and the deck can be raised to inclines up to ten percent. The quick-touch buttons make it easy to make changes to the speed and height of the belt even in the middle of an intense running session. Additionally, the screen displays features such as the distance, time elapsed, and calories burned so users can keep track.

Custom Workouts

However, as an alternative to the manual mode, there are fifteen onboard workouts to choose from as well. There are five in each category: calorie burning, time-specific, and distance-specific. These adjust the speed and incline of the belt without the user having to push a single button. This makes it possible — and even easy — to achieve specific goals and procure an effective workout routine with those goals in mind.

iFit Module

If buyers choose to do so, an iFit module can be purchased, making the treadmill compatible with iFit live. This module allows the treadmill to communicate with a wireless network in order to download new, more personalized workouts, create routines, track and accumulate results, and even race and compete against other runners. This will truly make exercising fun and bring something to the table that will be new to even experienced runners.

Music compatibility

This model has been specifically designed to be compatible with iPods so that runners will never get bored, even during long, tiresome sessions. The audio jack lets users plug in and listen to their favorite playlists or audio books with great sound quality.

Progress Tracking With Nikeplus

The manufacturer of the Proform Performance 400 has also paired-up with Nike so that you can synchronize your results on to monitor and analyze progress over time.

Always make sure to check in the user’s manual before working out.

It is true that experienced joggers and runners can probably use the speed and incline settings to create a workout that is efficient and useful for them. However, it always makes exercising fun and novel if all the technological features of the treadmill are used, and the Proform Performance 400 has a plethora of ways to spice up your routine.


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